22 Feb 2014
February 22, 2014

Our Values

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Advanced Business Solutions
Still Searching for advanced Hi-Tech solutions and technology products?  Search No More for your peace of mind.
Time is Money
Our Management , Sales and Support team are the best in Lebanon. we value your time. . Expect  very high quality products & services
Choose An Experienced Partner
SOLECTRON’s experience goes back to 1979, this ensures a huge track of lessons learned and accumulated experiences to offer you.

We provide … Only the best products and services

Our main products include a wide range of P.O.S machines, Barcodes printers, Laser & CCD barcode readers, Receipt and Journal printers, Laser &CCD Long range Data collectors, Electronic Retail & Industrial Scales, Labeling Machines…

SOLECTRON represents many International firms

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Top 3 Reasons why choose Solectron

  1. 1
    Best Quality Price Mixture
    Offering Best Prices without compromising quality
  2. 2
    Support is everything
    Our Support team is our real power
  3. 3
    You are partner not a client
    We deal with clients as partners. A win win partnership