Bizerba: SC II Series

Always up to date

Perfect weighing performance over a large weighing spectrum – this is what defines the Bizerba System class SC II. Thanks to a more powerful processor, it utilises the possibilities of state-of-the-art communication technology, while also offering maximum customisability, from the keyboard layout to software expansions.
There are various SC II scale models optimally tailored to the relevant requirements. Available as a counter top scale, counter top with column, hanging scale or as a separate version the SC II combines weighing, labeling and cashing to efficient workflows.

List of SCII Model:

– SCII 100: Counter top scale for assisted sales, self-service, price labeling and cashing
– SCII 200: Counter top scale with customer display on a column for assisted sales, price labeling and cashing
– SCII 400: Hanging scale for assisted sales and self-service, especially for areas which require wet cleaning, ex: fish departments
– SCII 500: Self-service or quick service scale with keyboard and customer display on a stand
– SCII 800: Stand-mounted scale for assisted sales or self-service
  • Perfect weighing performance over a large spectrum
  • Fast processor and plenty of memory
  • Backlit graphic display
  • Optionally available with 7-inch screen for displaying persistent and full screen advertising; the contents can also be loaded via a USB flash drive.
  • Freely configurable mechanical/membrane keyboard, assignment of keys is freely customisable
  • Energy-saving components (10 hours of operation without external electrical supply)
  • A wide variety of interface

Inherently multifunctional

SC II scales are available in various models,

  • Counter-top scales
  • Suspended scales: Particularly economical in terms of space, and is designed to be positioned above areas potentially prone to soiling around the counter
  • Stand-mounted scales: For ergonomic assisted sales activities
  • Separate version: More flexibility in the arrangement of the operating area and the selection of the load carrier


They are optimised for the requirements they are designed to fulfil:

  • Assisted sales and POS in a variety of environments
  • Self-service in fruit and vegetable departments
  • Price labelling and incoming goods checks
  • Areas that are cleaned using water each day, for example the fish department

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