DMX E4204B MarkIII

The E-Class Mark III is a family of compact desktop thermal printers that are designed for a wide variety of industries and applications that require a reliable and cost effective barcode printer. Datamax-O’Neil applied its industrial printer expertise to provide customers with an entry level printer that has the features and reliability normally found in more expensive printers.

The E-Class Mark III is affordable to own, easy to use and economical to operate. We’ve made the E-Class Mark III easy to use with quick loading media . Users will also notice a substantial reduction in their daily operational costs thanks to the E-Class Mark III’s larger media and ribbon roll capacity. The E-Class Mark III is one of the best values on the market. It is competitively priced with a proven design and reliable performance that will continue to operate long after other printers have failed.

  • Easy Loading – The horizontal split cabinet with a rear hinge allows for easy ribbon and label loading.
  • Rugged Construction – Double wall construction and concentric hinges provide rugged structural integrity.
  • Wrap around media window – Allows operator to visually verify the media level without interrupting the printing operation.
  • Safe from spills –The sealed user interface panel is sealed to prevent liquids and debris from damaging the sensitive user controls.
  • Lowered Ribbon Costs – Larger one-inch core standardized ribbons cost less than the typical smaller desktop ribbons
  • Asset Tracking
  • Finished Goods Marking
  • Product Identification
  • Shipping Labels
  • Records Labeling
  • Sorting Centers
  • Agency Labels
  • Case Labels




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