Horizon 7600 Omnidirectional laser Scanner

Honeywell’s Horizon® 7600 is a compact in-counter hands-free laser scanner designed with a dense 20-line scan pattern that provides fast, efficient throughput.Horizon is equipped with an integrated RF EAS deactivation antenna.
The EAS security tag, designed to reduce shrink, is deactivated and the bar code is scanned with a single pass. These simultaneous operations help improve operator comfort and increase throughput. To further enhance operator efficiency and productivity, Horizon is equipped with IR laser activation. This allows the user to “wake” the unit from a power save or sleep mode and read a bar code instantaneously

  • Durable Die-Cast Construction:Withstands abuse in the harshest environments
  • Built In RF EAS Antenna: Increases efficiency by simultaneously deactivating     RF EAS tags and decoding bar codes
  • Field Replaceable Window: Fast repairs window

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