Kadex Access control

The Kadex is an access control & time attendance card reader system that supports card ID, a 5-digit password, or a combination of both. The entire Kadex series consists of the Kadex, the m-Kadex which is a simpler version of the Kadex without an LCD screen and keypad, and the exit slave reader, the i-Kadex. A combination of either the Kadex or the m-Kadex with the i-Kadex makes a complete and cost effective in-out door access system for those who prefer the traditional punch card system with a modern twist.

  • Small, Yet Loaded with Capacity:The Kadex and m-Kadex can store a whopping total of 30000 users, and 50000 transaction logs.
  • Combine Your Verification Methods:Opt for the combination of verification methods secure your workplace further. Choose the card and password verification with the Kadex for tighter security.
  • Manage Your Shift Workers The Kadex and m-Kadex can be programmed with a total of 50 time zones – perfect for companies with shift work.
  • Simple Administrator Management & Enrollment :The m-Kadex’s simple outlook is complimented with a simple management system. Just swipe
    your administrator cardAC900-f to enroll, delete, or reset the terminal.

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