Kiosk Printers: SK1-21/SK1-22

Fast, high quality 203 dpi print at speeds up to 200 mm/second. USB and Serial Dual interface.

The “Crocodile open mouth” style paper loading and spring loaded paper roll holders allow the kiosk builder to consider the simpler choice of front operating access only. Versatile operating environment (-20 to 60 degrees).

Flexible mounting options include the vertical orientation 90° position for the thinnest of vertical footprints matching today’s latest generation of slimline kiosks for the SK1-21 and SK1-22 models.

Parking Systems: Durable and reliable unit for self service parking

Self Service Kiosk: Small foot print and compact unit fitting into slim design kiosk

Tickets/Receipts: Applicable for thick paper and widely open head make it easy to replace the paper